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Celebrating Summer's End With CO2 Special Effects at Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival

September 23rd started the first day of fall. As summer came to a close, you know you had to celebrate before it ended! Just recently took place a special end-of-summer event at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA. It was a festival known for its summer party and “aquatic fairytale” atmospheres, with splash pools artwork, outdoor activities, artwork, attractions, electronic dance music, and imagination being key features that make this a summer event one that stands out from the others. You could even camp at the festival camping grounds if you had planned to attend 3½ days of it. There were over 70 hours of “the Imaginarium” to experience at the Imagine Music Festival.

We actually got to help make the experience something to remember. At the Imagine Festival, there were multiple different stages, some of which had an aquatic theme to them. Each of them would host a series of music artists performing live at certain time frames of the festival. This year’s lineup included Marshmello, Darude, BT, even Shaq and hundreds of other EDM artists, many of which are criminally underrated. We made deliveries to all of these stages for Imagine Music Festival so that its staff could use them throughout its entire run in Hampton, GA. Usually our gas cylinders, whether its a CO2 tank or propane tank, are installed to machines on and around concert stages. Both of these gases were operated on machines designed to create special effects.

At Imagine, you saw cryo jets, confetti cannons, and pyrotechnics at play during some of the most hype moments and performances. Confetti would blast over 50 feet in the air, fire would bring some flair to the set, puffs of chilly smoke would blow towards the crowd, and the artificial fog would cover the entire venue to make lasers visible through the air. They’re perfect for parties, festivals, and celebrations of all kinds. Even from a distance, the effects make this music festival look like a party!

Without our CO2 and propane cylinders, these effects would be missing from the music festival. They play a significant role into making the scene look fun and truly epic. The Imagine Music Festival became the memorable party to end the summer, and it was great to play a role in making an event like this something special!

If you’re looking to add some spectacular visuals to your project or special event, we can help with that. We can deliver almost anywhere in the United States and parts of Canada. Whether you’re managing a music festival, nightclub, party, award ceremony, or even movie production, we’re here for you. If you’re managing a long-term event, like a theatrical or music tour, we’ve also got your back, as our full length tour support feature allows you to receive our gas delivery to multiple venues in the United States for as long as your tour lasts. Plus, our low, flat rates make us a very affordable option for those in the event and entertainment industries. It’s one of the many highlighting features that make us America’s go-to choice for entertainment specialty gases!

Our CO2, propane, and nitrogen tanks are waiting to be rented by you. Just make sure you order gas cylinders from us over here. If you prefer ordering over the phone instead of online, our customer service associates will be waiting for your call at 877-280-5321.

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