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Metal Artists Rocking Special Effects at Aftershock Music Festival

Aftershock Music Festival at Discovery Park (Sacramento, CA)

We have made CO2 and propane cylinder deliveries to tons of music experiences, whether they were full-length tours or music festivals that lasted an entire weekend. This time, we had the opportunity to perform our services at the beautiful 302-acre park known as Discovery Park. This park in Sacramento, California is well known for its bike trails, scenic river stream, and festival grounds. From October 11th-13th, the Aftershock Music Festival took place here. It was a music festival staring all of the best rock and metal music artists out there. Halestorm, Sum 41, Gojira, Korn, Slipknot, and even Japanese alternative metal group BABYMETAL were part of Aftershock’s lineup this year. It was a straight 3 days of epic music and headbanging and it was awesome!

We got to see this festival in its entirety, actually. We’re known for being one of the greatest gas rental services in the entertainment and event industry. We make fast gas tank deliveries all across the United States. Our CO2 tanks and propane tanks play a role in music festivals, helping to make them become the most epic experience ever! A lot of fireworks and smoke effects were at play, and the Aftershock staff were in need of our gas tanks to make these visual displays a reality. Our installation team is familiar with the tech behind special effects, so installing the gas tanks to the machines was a breeze. Without them, you’ll be missing a significant part of what makes a music festival look awesome!

Our CO2 cylinders took care of the artificial fog. The fog would allow aspects of the stage to appear flashier. Lasers can be seen shooting really far into the distance. Without the fog, they would just appear invisible. You can also see the stage lights shoot its rays too. Carbon dioxide tanks can also get smoke to spontaneously blast confetti, streamers, and cold smoke puffs to pump up the party! With proper use, carbon dioxide can make these a fun addition to any special event and even be safe to use. Meanwhile, our propane tanks took care of the pyrotechnics. Only the most hype rock/metal music festivals would have fire. The fire would appear for a split second on time with just the right parts of most performances.

Looking at all of this from a distance, Aftershock looks like a real party! It’s thanks to our gas delivery service and reliable team members, special effects were made possible. We get these sorts of requests all the time, and it was an honor to help out with the technical side of things for this epic music festival. It’s also pretty cool to even see some rock and metal artists that we’ve helped out in the past at this festival too. We hope all the music fans out there got to enjoy Aftershock! This music festival was epic! And it’s bound to be even better, seeing that for the first time in the festival’s history, Metallica is going to be part of its main lineup next year, killing it on two nights of the event!

We’re always open to helping out any special event you can think of. Whether its a music festival, nightclub, theatrical performance, party, ceremony, whatever the occasion, if you’re in the market for a gas cylinder, you’re in luck! We’re known for being the best CO2 delivery service in both the entertainment and event industry. We have the most confident and reliable team of both entertainment and industrial gas experts in the gas industry. Our industrial gas rates are known to be pretty low, making us an ideal and affordable choice compared to the rest in the industry. We’ve supported hundreds of the biggest special events with our CO2 and propane deliveries in the United States and in various parts of Canada. From events that last a day to events on tour for months, we’ll support it with our renowned gas delivery service!

If you’re looking to rent a CO2 tank, propane tank, or even a nitrogen tank, regardless of whether or not you’re in the entertainment industry or not, we’re here for you! You can order gas online or over the phone with us. Become one of our customers today and order over here. To call us instead, dial 877-280-5321 to talk to the staff at CO2 Masters.

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