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Sum 41's Music Tour Order In Decline Used Our Propane and CO2 Service

We get to visit thousands of cities, parks, and stadiums around the US to support some of the best festivals, ceremonies, and performances out there. Most of our experiences are in the music industry from local music festivals to the Halftime Show. This time we got the opportunity to see Canadian punk rock band Sum 41 on tour recently. They had just recently finished their Order In Decline tour to promote their newest album of the same name. It started from September 29th and lasted all the way through Halloween. We’ve actually serviced one of Sum 41’s previous tours, and Order In Decline is the second one we’re posting about. We delivered gas cylinders to every location Sum 41 went to for their tour. Our industrial gas experts and the music tour’s production staff installed and operated the gas cylinders to achieve the best special effects for any music tour!

In most cases, our CO2 cylinders are rented for the sole purpose of being operated with these machines for music related festivals and long term tours. At Sum 41’s Order In Decline tour, our carbon dioxide cylinders were operated with equipment capable of making artificial fog to create a sense of atmosphere. It gives lighting specialists and extra sense of depth to work with, and you can get the choreographed stage lights and lasers to look even more dynamic, even changing the color tones in the whole venue. The CO2 cylinders also helped other machines create their spectacles, like cryo jets, which blast spontaneous puffs of cold smoke and confetti cannons, shooting confetti pieces over 50 feet in the air.

Even our propane tanks got some use throughout the tour, being operated on the hotter special effects. There were a few instances where pyrotechnics flashed on the stage. They include sparkler fountains, flame machines, and various fireworks. All of these were perfect for event, as it made the whole tour look more visually epic and intense!

Order In Decline lasted for 19 days, meaning we got to deliver gas tanks to all 19 locations they were performing. On two of the 19 days, metalcore band Of Mice And Men were on stage with them. If you were at the Roxian Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA or The Fillmore in Detroit, MI to attend the tour, you saw both of them. Sum 41 is still going places and recently performed alongside with The Plot in You and The Amity Affliction a few days ago on November 13th. We’re hoping to have another opportunity to help Sum 41 with more of their music tours in the future!

If you’re gonna rent a gas cylinder, we’re one of your best options. If you’re in the entertainment industry in any way and need a gas cylinder, look no further! We have some of the most supportive entertainment experts on our team who are passionate about music festivals and theatre. They’re also assisting us with our delivery services and management to make sure everything is done safely and perfectly correctly. Thanks to our support for these industries, we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of production managers in charge of some of the greatest music concerts, festivals, and theatrical performances ever. Some are also overseeing movie studios, special award ceremonies, and other special events and parties, especially during the holidays!

Ready to order a gas rental? You can order with us either online or over the phone. Our online gas rental ordering page is over here. As for our phone number, you can call us by dialing 877-280-5321 and we’ll have support staff assist you in your gas delivery order in no time!

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