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Save On CO2 Tanks With Our Atlanta Special FX Partnership

We at CO2 Masters are known to be one of the top supporters in the music, entertainment, and event field when it comes to a fast and reliable gas delivery service. We’ve teamed up with a special effects manufacturer to create some of the most affordable opportunities for those in these industries needing a way to make their events as visually impressive as possible. Now, for a limited time, you can get a special discount on our CO2 gas cylinders when you purchase select special effects equipment from our good friends at Atlanta Special FX.

They are the geniuses behind unique machines and equipment to choose from to make your events something really special! We believe in good quality services and products at affordable prices. ATL Special FX has been known for their top notch equipment and great sales, and we have worked with them on multiple occasions. They’re all operated in thousands of special events, like nightclubs, parties, school dances, festivals, and graduation ceremonies.

Confetti cannons are the perfect choices for any and all celebrations. There are some unique festivals and parties out there with an emphasis on winter, bubbles, foam, or paint. They carry cannons that fill the place with them. CO2 paint blasters are best for those messy and brightly colored paint parties. Bubble machines are best for making the most magical weddings, and foam cannons are great for summer parties (just make sure you get the foam concentrate too). And creating a winter wonderland is super easy with their fake winter snow machines.

ATL Special FX’s equipment have even been in professional settings like movie studios, performing arts centers, and sports arenas and fields. Movie and TV production staff invest in renting high grade CO2 fog and smoke machines from ATL Special FX to make a believably foggy and moody atmosphere. They even use them in music concerts. It's also expected to have CO2 cryo jets and cryo cannons go off in time with the music in concerts too. Meanwhile in EDM festivals, DJs can interact with the audience with the handheld alternative to the cryo jet known as handheld CO2 cryo guns.

We are known to deliver CO2 tanks in the event industry, but make sure you visit Atlanta Special FX and check out their CO2 special effects equipment, as you'll need some high quality equipment to make some truly awesome and magical special effects! To take advantage of this special sale, you’ll need to invest in at least one of any of their:

  • CO2 Cryo Jets, CO2 Cryo Cannons, or Handheld CO2 Cryo Guns

  • CO2 Confetti Cannons

  • Snow Machines

  • Fog Machines or Low Fog Machines

  • Bubble Machines

  • Foam Party Machines and Foam Concentrate

  • CO2 Neon Paint Cannons

After getting one of these machines, make sure you contact us to inquire about a discount on CO2 cylinders. Our gas tanks are conveniently given low, flat rate prices. This is a more ideal approach to gas pricing for our customers because they will never have to deal with the stresses of constant price fluctuation. And with our simple and fast delivery service,

Head over to our rental page to see what CO2 cylinders and other gas tanks we’ve got. If you prefer to place your gas order with us over the phone, you can call us at 877-280-5321.

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