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CO2 Gas Deliveries to Kane Brown's Country Music Tour

We’re back with another series of CO2 deliveries. Our recent CO2 delivery brought us to Chicago, IL again. Our team of installers and delivery drivers went to the United Center in Chicago. We’ve actually been there for a hockey game before, but this time, we’ve arrived here again because another country artist is on tour. We’ve worked with Kane Brown throughout his Blessed & Free Tour. He grew to love R&B as a teen, but once he got into the music industry, he embraced his childhood love for country. His tour features special guests Chase Rice, who we’ve also worked with before, and Restless Road. It’ll all come to an end on February 6th in Las Vegas, NV.

With production staff in control of the right equipment, our CO2 tanks operated in the background, giving life to the special effects in the concerts. The effects included smoke jets, lasers, and confetti blasters, all of which were performed in time with specific parts of the performance. They’re a small, yet necessary part of the show.

While we don’t have the special effects equipment, we do carry the gas tanks for it. Our team is well-known in the industry for our support and expertise in music and entertainment. We understand the need for visuals in music festivals and concert tours. Proper lighting and aesthetics play into the vibe and overall presentation. Our CO2 tanks are responsible for powering the machinery capable of making artificial fog and smoke. With the power to control how light or heavy the carbon dioxide discharge is, you can create foggy environments or make enough invisible vapor for a laser show. Even pyrotechnics and fireworks are possible with propane tanks. Balloons? Helium obviously! And some special equipment use nitrogen to make alternative types of special effects.

We’re making the best CO2 deliveries in Chicago! And besides our collection of CO2 tanks, We also carry helium, propane, and nitrogen tanks. If you’re in the music and entertainment industries, we’re some of your best options for gas deliveries. You can head to our delivery page to place an order, or call us at 877-280-5321 to place your order. In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

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