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Returning To CO2 Deliveries In Atlanta, GA's Music Midtown

Image by Thomson20192 via Flickr

We've been silent for the past year and a half. The COVID-19 pandemic halted millions of special events throughout the entire world, even pausing many services and businesses throughout 2020 and part of 2021. Thankfully, things have been slowly, yet surely, getting back to normal, especially with this year allowing for more places to open up and special events to take place, all with safety precautions to follow. This means music festivals are coming back!

Atlanta, GA celebrated family fun and great music with Music Midtown. This music festival’s been around since 1994, and this year’s took place back in September. It's one of the festival staples of Atlanta, known for its family-friendly activities, arcade-style games, and Atlanta-favorite foods. The park it takes place in, that being Piedmont Park, is known for its great view of the SkyView Ferris Wheel at night too. The likes of Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, Marshmello, Bleachers, and several more were part of the lineup. Some of the best family-favorites that pop, rock and roll, hip hop, and EDM music can offer! As for us, we offer some of the best in CO2 entertainment services and installation.

We are known for being an entertainment-focused CO2 provider in the United States, with an especially strong history in our services for music festivals and extensive music tours. Typically, we get countless requests in helping many production managers with the set up of their special effects machines and our CO2 cylinders. Our install team is familiar with the equipment used to create special effects.

Throughout each performance, an array of special effects light the stage. Fireworks, smoke effects, and confetti were all part of the show in some way. Most of these effects are powered by our CO2 cylinders, which our team of installers had no problem getting to work. Since pyrotechnics were present, we also had propane getting that to work too. Those special effects are part of the whole experience, and we’re proud to be a part of what made Music Midtown a special event!

Things are looking up now that special events are returning. We’re hoping things will be truly back to normal soon without any worry of the new health protocols, but in the meantime, we can still enjoy ourselves with respect to everyone’s safety. As long as things continue to get better, you can be sure Music Midtown will return next year. Also, we’ll be out there making CO2 deliveries to all the festivals and music events we can in Atlanta, GA!

We have very affordable flat rates for renting gas cylinders. We even have special offers for anyone looking for a delivery service for their long-term special event tours, be it music concerts or plays on tour. We offer helium, carbon dioxide, propane, and helium tanks. Not only are we in Atlanta, GA, but we’re actually all around the United States, as well as part of Canada. We’ll do what it takes to get your gas delivered on time.

If you’d like to rent any of our tanks, with or without siphons, either call us at 877-280-5321 or head to our rental page and become our next customer. We will continue our services with necessary COVID-19 precautions wherever possible. In the meantime, continue to stay safe.

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