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The CO2 and Propane Deliveries to Walker Hayes Music Tours

We’re back with more country concerts! While we work with hundreds in the music industry, we seem to be more popular with customers working with the country genre of music. This time, we’re working with Walker Hayes, a country singer and songwriter born in Mobile, Alabama.

If you’ve never heard of us, we’re an industrial gas delivery company with a team who are experts in the entertainment industry. We’re especially known for our CO2 cylinders, but we also work helium, nitrogen, and propane. Just recently on April 23rd, we made a delivery to a concert Walker Hayes hosted in Mandalay Bay Beach in Las Vegas, NV.

Actually, since late January, he’s been on his current tour: The Fancy Ones. We’ve performed our CO2 delivery services for the whole tour thus far. If you’re planning and managing music tours, you’re gonna need special effects at the event. There’s equipment capable of doing that, but the effects themselves are gas based, which is why the equipment needs the gas tanks in the first place.

Musicians like Walker Hayes need visual flair that enhance the concert experience for their performance and fans. Our team at CO2 Masters are who get the CO2 tanks delivered to the venue quickly. Even our installers play their role in getting the gas cylinders installed to your equipment. That service is a prime example of what makes us special to the whole music and entertainment industry. If you’ve got cryo jets, handheld fog guns, confetti cannons, and laser lights, you’ll need a CO2 tank to get them to do what they’re designed to do. Even pyrotechnics are involved sometimes. In those cases, you’re gonna need propane tanks.

Our love for this stuff is part of our purpose. We’re known to be the go-to company for gas products and special events. We’ve helped hundreds of production managers with their music tours and special events. Today, Walker Hayes was at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN. Tomorrow, he’ll be at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, and on Sunday, the Louisville Palace in Louisville, KY. We’ll be at each venue to help Walker finish his tour strong! And we’ll even be there when he appears as guest star in Kane Brown’s Blessed & Free Tour.

If you’re in need of a CO2 delivery, we’re here for you. Our delivery team, installers, and customer service reps are all here to help you. If you’ve got any questions or requests, we can help you. Especially if you need multiple gas deliveries to multiple locations. To get started on your gas rental, click here. From there, you can sign up to become one of our customers, rent a tank, and even get a quote too. If you’d prefer calling us, dial 877-280-532 and we can talk!

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