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We're Planning CO2 Deliveries in Oklahoma City

Scissortail Park, Oklahoma City
Image by Alan Villegas (Unsplash)

Calling all production managers in Oklahoma City! We are CO2 Masters! We’ve had opportunities to make CO2 deliveries in multiple cities throughout the United States, and we plan to head here sometime too! Oklahoma City is sometimes called “The Big Friendly”, and it is no town to sleep on. It’s the capital city of Oklahoma, well known for its theme parks, urban oasis park, and annual music festivals. There’s plenty to do here, like riding Bricktown’s water taxi down the canal, discovering history at the museums, and attending special events at the city’s many parks. If you’re in charge of managing the latter, this is where we come into.

Our goal in this world is to provide fast gas deliveries and simplify all ordering and logistics for specialty gases for all of our customers. That legal stuff can get difficult and annoying. We’ll handle that junk for you by making the rental process as simple as possible. We’re especially well known in the event and entertainment industries, as we work with lots of experts and enthusiasts in said industries to help get their special events equipped and set up with CO2 special effects. Those are, of course, powered by CO2 cylinders, which are what we specialize in. Although, maybe your special event uses fireworks or balloons too. We also carry nitrogen, helium, and propane too, just in case your equipment calls for a different gas other than carbon dioxide.

We’ve had the honor of bringing our services to some of the greatest music festivals in the world, from Rolling Loud to Coachella. We’ll be delivering most of our CO2 tanks to the various parks and stadiums in Oklahoma, and especially in OKC, for even more festivals and music tours, both big and small. If you’re planning to take your event anywhere in Oklahoma, talk to us. We’ll even offer competitive rates if you’re planning to tour your event throughout the United States. We can deliver our CO2, helium, propane, and nitrogen tanks anywhere within the United States and select Canadian cities. Our team of entertainment and event experts handles everything, from the legal stuff to the deliveries and installations. You can trust that our services are something special to remember, as we assist in getting your special effects equipment going with our gas deliveries!

You can find some of our experiences at our blog.

Call us at 877-280-5321 or click here to order gas from us. We’ll be waiting for you!

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