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Extended Blessed & Free Dates Include More CO2 And Propane Deliveries

This is a bit of an update with our work with Kane West. Initially, his Blessed & Free tour ended back in February, but he recently extended the event with some additional dates. So of course, since we did take part in delivering our CO2 and propane tanks to that whole tour, we’re gonna keep doing the same for the extended tour up until early June.

Our first destination of the extended tour takes place at the Finley Stadium in Chattanooga, TN, which, fun fact, is Kane Brown’s hometown. You may have seen him there yesterday, May 7th. Of course, there were special effects to go with Kane Brown’s performance, thanks in part to our gas delivery services. That’s kinda why we’re reporting on this little update.

Another thing worth noting about his tour is that it includes Restless Road, Morgan Wade, Raelynn, and Walker Hayes as special guests. Actually, we just finished The Fancy Ones tour, hosted by Walker Hayes himself. Now he’s a special guest in a couple different tours. Blessed & Free is one of them.

There are 9 more dates left for the Blessed & Free tour. You can find us, Kane Brown, and his special guests in 7 more cities:

  • 05/19 Birmingham, AL

  • 05/20 Gulf Shore, AL

  • 05/21 Tampa, FL

  • 05/27 Savannah, GA

  • 05/28 Norfolk, VA

  • 06/02-03 Gilford, NH

  • 06/04-05 Uncasville, CT

If you enjoyed the visual flair associated with various parts of the concert, that's what the gas tanks are for. Get the cylinders hooked to the right equipment, and a concert can get their special effects. Our installers can help you get them set up too, even giving you advice.

CO2 Masters is a part of what makes these events exciting! Our CO2, propane, nitrogen, and helium tanks are ready to be rented. Let us know what you have planned, how we can help, what gas tanks you need, how many, where you need them, and how often you’ll need these deliveries done. We’re still available for other special events, especially music and theatrical events that’re on tour.

The spring and summer are the seasons to vacation and party. Get your special event ready for special effects and fireworks with our gas cylinders. Rent a gas cylinder with us from our rental page, or place an order over the phone with us at 877-280-5321.

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